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GERMAN OEM (Matan Neuman) is a company that first started from a passion for the detectors hobby and has founded the best way to bring you the latest innovation to your field and to your country. Our professionality is from our long experience trough the most advanced technology in the world.

GERMAN OEM (Matan Neuman) is dealing and exporting the most advanced detectors technology around the world. We are selling the latest successful products for you and we are making sure that our customers will receive only a new products, including warranty and certificate of originality.

GERMAN OEM (Matan Neuman) is dealing in a few technology sectors in the detectors business. Our selected products are for all kind of users, from amateurs, professionals or as investments projects.

Metals Detectors: we are offering a few technologies systems as Vlf, Pulse induction, Long Range, Ionic and 3D imaging. Those systems will help you to detect precious, gold, Silver, bronze, copper and more.
Water Detectors: we are offering the latest technology systems as Geophysical, Long Range and 3D. This systems will help you to discover and detect in the highest levels.



GERMAN OEM (Matan Neuman) will give you as a customer the best attention during the selection and buying process.
Our location in Germany is our goal which helping for you as a customer to be insured and safe with the products. We are dealing with the main source of factories and companies around the globe. The originality and quality is in our first place. All of our products have originality documents and always will be on the customer side.
GERMAN O E M is available for you 24/7 for any questions or doubts, and will help you to find your best device for your ideal price.

Our response for any price offer or questions will be on the most professional side and quick as possible. Our experience in the detectors market will find you a solution for a shipping in every country in the world including the most hardest as Africa, Middle east, Asia, and more. GERMAN O E M is welcoming the customers to visit in our show room and to test the products in real time, to get the best training and instruction for the best efficient using.


Certificate of originality

GERMAN OEM (Matan Neuman) are selling only new products from the first hand factory and will make sure that you are buying the original products with warranty, and a special documents that only GERMAN OEM can supply!
“Certificate of originality “


Payment terms

GERMAN OEM using with the most advanced payments security company “ Viveum ”.
With our payment conditions through online payment we will offer you all the latest payment options as
credit card (Visa – Mastercard), Sofort Überweisung, American Express and More.

For a normal bank transfer, you are welcome to send us the payment directly to our bank account in Germany.



GERMAN OEM (Matan Neuman) is using with the most advanced and quick parcels to make sure that your order will arrive safely and quickly to your door.

GERMAN OEM (Matan Neuman) corporate with
DHL Express
UPS Express


Shipping process

As soon as we will receive the payment we will start the clearance process through the German customs with the company “Hamburg Express”. the process is bout  1-2 days.
After we will receive the “green light “ from the customs we will be able to send you the order to your country with one of our shipping companies as DHL/UPS.

A normal delivery time from the payment date, including clearance and shipping can take about 7-10 days to a country as USA, China, Asia. Delivery to Africa can take about 10-14 days.

The clearance cost will be under GERMAN OEM (Matan Neuman) and the customer will pay in his country the VAT and customs according to the receive country.

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