BR 750 pro (Geophysical water detector)

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BR 750 PRO water detector can distinguish between fresh, salt, and mineral water and in the case of the discovery of water immediately shows the water type on the screen if fresh or salty or mineral water, The new underground water detector and waterfinder geophysical device and new SRB technology in the field of groundwater and underground artesian wells revealed.

The BR 750 PRO brings you as user, the most accurate results and will allow you to know the water type and more data about the underground water source. Br 750 pro is now on the market after years of development and tests by farms around the world. Through the geophysical search system, the BR 750 pro will help you to analys the water source in an efficient way. Br 750 pro its a single geophysical system which the most useful in water search underground. Br 750 pro has the possibility to calculate the water depth through manual or automatic search options. The Br 750 pro unit has 4 probes and cables that connected between the ground and the main unit, those parts will process the data and translate the details on the Lcd screen.

1) The device shows on the screen and automatically the type of water detected without the need to identify it and re-detection several times (Mineral- Fresh- Salty)
2) Determination of detected water propulsion (less than 2 inches or more).
3) The depth of the device reaches to 1000 meters underground
4) Easy and simplified interface helps to use the device without any difficulties.
5) 12-volt rechargeable battery working for 2 days.
6) Signs and accuracy of the device isn’t affected at all by rock, sand or mud
7) The device works accurately at temperatures ranging from – 20 degrees below zero to 55 degrees Celsius
8) A colorful crystal screen that shows all settings and shows all detections directly.
9) The device is equipped with an integrated electronic work system.
10) Anyone can use this device with ease. Unlike some other devices that are difficult for some prospectors to work on.
11) This waterfinder is Light weight and comfortable in use, which making it easy to move.
12) Made from high quality electronic plastic and durability.
13) The device is available in several international languages.
14) Made in USA. 15. 3 years warranty.


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