GER Detect Easy Way Smart – 3D Imaging & Long Range systems

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Dual System underground scanner

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The Easy Way SMART, Its the new generation of dual detector for Gold, Metal, Tunnel, caves and treasures underground. Its a new version of the last easy way plus, with a wonderful upgrade 3D imaging and Long Range Radar systems.

The Easy Way Smart is the new latest device from Ger Detect Germany, including a new military case, a new 3D android program, a new Long Rang Radar system and better efficiently for the user.

The wasy Way Smart has two main systems:

Long-Range Radar system for searching and to detecting your underground location (up to 2000 square meters front range).

The first device in the world with a single handgrip radar sensor system.
The gold grip highly effective with a radar structure characterized with the analysis of radar waves that measure a target’s characteristics.
Easy way smart it is a high-precision dual-frequency radar and a transmitter and receiver of the signals coming from targets.
A smart radar system with a special and sophisticated algorithms integration to detect the location of the target, consistent ability to detect and measure small and large targets underground.
The front range in the long-range radar system can reach up to 2000 sqm2 meters, which equals 500 meters in each direction, it can detect a depth of 18 meters underground.

3D imaging system which will help you to see on a tablet all the details and depth of your target underground (up to 18 meters depth).

This system is designed to help you as a user, to confirm your target underground and to proof the depth and location before different process.
After identifying the target with the radar system, you can make a scanning for the detected target with the 3D imaging system.
The EASY WAY SMART device has several new characteristics:

  • This system is supported by an Android application that works in several languages, namely: (German – English – French – Italian – Spanish – Arabic – Portuguese – Russian).
  • Automatic calibration with soil.
  • Automatic ground scanning feature.
  • It reaches a depth of 18 meters underground.

*** The Easy Way-SMART has Two Years WARRANTY 

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