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The metal detector Nokta CF77 will give you the right answer about exploring and detecting Gold, Jewelry, Single coins and Relics on every type of area through stable and deep operating.

The CF77 is a great metal detector for a coins, Jewelry and relics lovers. the CF77 will find your small target easy and in a fast reaction. The CF77 has borned for that!

CF77 offers a three different DD coils in very lightweight. the DD design from Nokta is a well known on the metal detectors industrie and it will allow you to choose between 23 cm (9”), 28 cm (11”) or 45 cm (18”) coils. the smallest coil will give you as user the best choice for a narrow area, the medium coil will be the best choice for depth and target separation. the largest coil will be the best choice for detecting in a wide open area. with the three coils options you can always select the best for you in a real time. CF77 will feel at “home”  in rocky terrain and heavily mineralized conditions to farm fields, beaches and area. just to go outside and find your wishes!

METAL DISCRIMINATION WITH 3 DIFFERENT AUDIO TONES, the CF77 can reach a great depth and high performance of discrimination between metals types. the special design of the CF77 will help you with the discrimination between ferrous, non-ferrous and gold through 3 different audio tones.

IRON AUDIO, CF77 can eliminate the iron signals produced by the soil in hard mineralized areas. A great iron audio on/off feature lets you choose to detect only the non-ferrous metals by turning ferrous target sounds off completely.

EASY OPERATION AND ERGONOMIC DESIGN. CF77 is a very friendly for any user with a graet ergonomic design, and you will find yourself easily detecting all day long with a light and graet feeling.

LONG BATTERY LIFE, Powered by just 8 AA Alkaline batteries, the CF77 metal detector can easily run for 30 hours.

SEARCH MODES, CF77 has a three modes of operation. GENERAL is a non-discrimination mode that provides maximum depth. MODE 1 and MODE 2 are a discrimination mode that provides smooth and stable operation while filtering out unwanted targets. These modes provide exceptional performance in highly mineralized soil conditions.

CF77 has two different versions. the pro cost 779€ and the standart cost 499€
CF77 Coin Finder Pro. Package Contents

1 – Armrest Cover
2 – Waterproof DD Search Coil 28×28 cm (C28) & Cover
3 – Waterproof DD Search Coil 45×39 cm (C45) & Cover
4 – Battery Case
5 – Battery Case Cover
6 – Headphones
7 – Waterproof DD Search Coil 23×23 cm (C23) & Cover
8 – User Manual, Warranty Document & DVD
9 – Carrying Bag


CF77 Coin Finder Std. Package Contents

1 – Waterproof DD Search Coil 23×23 cm (C23) & Cover
2 – Headphones
3 – Battery Case
4 – Battery Case Cover
5 – Carrying Bag
6 – User Manual, Warranty Document & DVD



Operating System VLF
Operating Frequency 17,5 kHz
Coil Type Double – D (DD)
Metal Detection Audio
Ground Setting Manual
Headphone Output 1,4″ Mono
Stem Lenght 127-152 cm (50″ – 60″)
Battery Life Max. 30 hours
Weight 1640 gr (3.5 lb) (58oz)
(C28 Coil Included)


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