Ajax – Troy 3D & Gradiosmart systems

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Ajax Troy is now innovating the gold and treasure market and brings us a great 3D imaging & Gradiosmart systems. The new Troy has a strong ability to detecting treasure and big objects underground. After a long research and development, finally the Troy dual system is on the market and willl change the way that we are hunting treasure in the future. Ajax Troy has a great 3D imaging system which easy to use and can detect the object in a very accurate results. To complete the search project, you will use the gradio smart system which will help you to locate the place of the target.


Gradiosmart System

Get closer to your target with the interactive sound and digital indicators, the more closer to the target the more sound interaction to hear. Gradiosmart is a smooth tool and easy to carry in all direction which makes it useful to discover the walls of a cave entire. Gradiosmart is developed to double confirm the existence of a specific type of target with a maximum depth reach of 10 meters.


3D Ground Imaging System

3D Ground Scan System makes it easier, imagine that scanning the ground layers is just like looking at a book sheet and you can read each word of it, that’s true; with Troy you can see all underground hidden objects whether they are metals, voids, treasures, underground utilities, graves . . . etc.Up to 30 meters of real depth reach through the high power emitted from the four main scanning sensors to penetrate the ground layers and give a full view in a 3D shape of the underground objects on the device screen or on the tablet.

Technical specifications

Detection System Multiple functions device containing 2 advanced and professional detection system
Operating Principle Processing data and digital signals and converting them to visual and audible results
Processor Architecture MIPS 32
Operation processor M4K™ Core
Display Screen TFT Color LCD, 800 x 480 WVGA, 16-bit color depth
Battery 7.4 volts, 3300 mAh
Power Rating 400 mA
Battery Endurance Typical usage time 10 hours
Power Adapter 240-100 VAC / 15 VDC – EU Plug
Storage 1 GB / it can save to 1000 scans.
Sound High quality sounds, 32 KBIT/S, MP3
Notifications Sound and tactile feedback configurable in the settings menu for
Bluetooth 2.4 GHz, sensitivity up to -80dBm.
Languages Multilingual User Interface with support for 8 languages.
Date and Time Real Time Clock could be set manually or automatically via GPS time.
Login Restriction Configurable PIN.
Overall Dimensions 62x33x18 cm
Package Total Weight 3.7 kg
Operating temperature From -10° C to 60° C (14° F – 140° F)
Storage temperature From -10° C to 80° C (14° F – 176° F)
Humidity Could be stored and operated at relative humidity level up to 90%.




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