MWF – MF 9700 QUINARY 6 Detection Systems

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THE QUINARY project started from the customers request  ongoing to get integrated search station for the detection and of mineral and underground resources.

The Quinary built specially for a research in mountainous areas, and in areas that need to be guaranteed and accurate devices in the results and easy to use at once.

The MWF group actually took one step forward by research on the production MF 9700 QUINARY, a device  with substantive and technical specifications can not be underestimated, supported this device by latest modern scientific systems which our group developed through several levels to get.

Quinary device has a six search system for the detection and exploration for gold, metal, treasures,relics,groundwater and voids , and to determine their location and confirm their presence points 100% , by using the six systems that give the user blindly trust to reach his target and find it without any hesitation.

The systems supported by the device gives you a long-range scanning to detect and locate the targets from a far distance, and verification ionic search system to confirm the target, In addition to the geophysical survey techniques systems, with smart and automatic analysis of the target, type and depth, except for magnetic scanner system ( Ground Sensor) with sound data and graphic to confirm the targets sites and distinguish between them, and Finally the Ground Scan System, gives you a clear photo about the target.

All this and more is available in a single device with proven effectiveness and with a large HD color screen, displays the control systems of advanced smart programs, and displays all the results and coordinates about research and survey.


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