AKS – GFIS3D Imagine scanner (New Arrival)

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Product Description

The Real AKS detectors is presenting now a new GFIS3D imaging system. This is the most exciting imagine underground scanner on the market includes a smart remote control which can detect treasure and gold in a small caves and holes . The GFIS3D devices have the most latest advanced technology through using an israeli and american militaries experience. The GFIS3D has a new 3D imagine program, which includes a new features that makes the use very easy and friendly for each level.

The GFIS3D is a very compact and discreet for the user and will keep you motivate. The 3D system is very efficient in all kind of grount types and will give you as user a new explore directions on the world.

The GFIS3D is designed and produced for an hard core ground conditions as Rocky, Salty or any kind of conditions. The GFIS3D is efective for a burried gold,silver,bronze,treasure and cavity  underground , which were already existed long time ago and sending a magnetic fields reactions.

The new GFIS3D imagine scanner has the ability to detect an object up to 21 meters underground. This device has been changed the geological world and makes the searchs for more easy and effective.


  • Advanced 3D Imaging

    Experience the power of advanced 3D imaging technology, allowing you to visualize targets with exceptional clarity and detail.

  • Precision Target Detection

    Detect targets at various depths with unmatched precision, enabling you to accurately locate valuable artifacts, treasures, and mineral deposits.

  • Geological Surveying

    Revolutionize the way you conduct geological surveys. Explore rock formations, map underground structures, and uncover valuable insights about the Earth’s composition.

  • Streamlined Operation

    Navigate the AKS GFIS 3D Imagine Scanner with ease. Its intuitive interface and ergonomic design ensure a seamless and user-friendly operation.

  • Rugged Durability

    Conquer challenging terrains with confidence. The AKS GFIS 3D Imagine Scanner is built to withstand rugged environments, ensuring reliability and durability.

  • Unparalleled Accuracy

    Experience unmatched accuracy in target detection and differentiation. The AKS GFIS 3D Imagine Scanner delivers precise results, providing valuable insights and data.

  • Limitless Exploration

    Unleash your passion for adventure and exploration. With the AKS GFIS 3D Imagine Scanner, there are no limits to the treasures you can discover and the mysteries you can unravel.

  • Visualize in 3D Detail

    Visualize your scan results in stunning 3D detail, bringing your findings to life and offering a deeper understanding of the scanned environment.

System Information:

  1. Advanced 3D Imaging Technology:

    • Utilizes state-of-the-art 3D imaging technology to provide detailed scans of the subsurface and surrounding structures.
    • Offers exceptional depth penetration, allowing for scanning of depths up to 21 meters, revealing hidden treasures and underground anomalies.
  2. Versatile Scanning Capabilities:

    • Enables scanning of various terrains, including deep ground, walls, caves, and tunnels, providing a comprehensive view of the subsurface environment.
    • Unlocks new possibilities for exploration, archeological surveys, and treasure hunting in challenging and diverse locations.
  3. Automatic and Manual Ground Balance:

    • Incorporates an automatic ground balance feature, which adjusts the scanning parameters to compensate for mineralization and soil conditions, ensuring accurate detection.
    • Provides the option for manual ground balancing, allowing users to fine-tune the device to specific soil types and optimize detection capabilities for enhanced accuracy.
  4. Unique Device Design:

    • Boasts the distinction of being the smallest 3D imaging device in the world, offering exceptional portability and ease of use.
    • Designed through collaborative efforts between Israeli and US experts, combining cutting-edge technologies for optimal performance.
  5. High-Resolution Imaging:

    • Delivers high-resolution imaging with detailed visualization of underground structures, cavities, and potential targets.
    • Provides clear and precise scans, enhancing the ability to identify valuable objects and distinguish them from surrounding materials.
  6. Real-Time Data Analysis:

    • Allows for real-time analysis of the scanned data, providing immediate insights into the subsurface environment.
    • Offers visualization tools to interpret the scanned information, aiding in target identification and decision-making processes.
  7. User-Friendly Interface:

    • Features an intuitive user interface for seamless operation and effortless control of scanning parameters.
    • Facilitates ease of use and quick adaptation, ensuring users can maximize the capabilities of the AKS GFIS 3D IMAGINE SCANNER.
  8. Reliable and Accurate Results:

    • Provides reliable and accurate detection results, allowing users to uncover hidden treasures and underground structures with confidence.
    • Offers a valuable tool for professionals in various fields, including archeology, geology, and treasure hunting.
  • Please note that the above system information highlights key features and capabilities of the AKS GFIS 3D IMAGINE SCANNER. The actual specifications and functionalities may vary based on the specific model and version of the device.
Specification Description
Scanning Technology Advanced 3D Imaging
Geometric Forecast Imagine System New High-Tech Bionic Computer with Conductive and P6FE1Z Algorithms
Search Name 3D-DDT GFIS3D Technology Imagine System
Languages Multiple languages supported
Depth Range Up to 21 meters
Data Processing Speed 11 MHz
Operating Temperature Range 0°C to 55°C
Operating Time Up to 8 Hours*
Scanning Capabilities Deep Ground, Walls, Caves, Tunnels
Ground Balance Automatic and Manual
Device Size Smallest 3D imaging device in the world
Development Origin Israel and USA
Real-Time Data Analysis Immediate analysis of scanned data
Scanning Resolution High-resolution imaging for detailed visualization
User Interface Intuitive and user-friendly
Variation 1: MASTER KIT Device, Tablet, Software App
Variation 2: BASIC KIT Device, Tablet Only
Case Material High-quality weatherproof plastic shell
Charging Method AA Batteries
Audio Output Piezo buzzer Ø:12mm – H:9.8mm sound pressure level 85db at 12v/10cm frequency 4.5±0.5 KHz
Waterproof Not waterproof, weatherproof only
Basic Package Weight 1 K.
Master Package Weight 1.5K.
Warranty 3 years
Price Starting from 1800 USD
Basic Package Includes
  • Main Unit (GFIS3D).
  •  Warranty Card
  •  Unique Serial #
  •  Military Case
  • Samsung 8.7″ Tablet
  • USB Charger
  • Tablet Wall charger with USB Charging Cable
  • USB Device with user’s guide

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