MWF Gold Radar

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The Gold-Radar is Building on  Ionian and Radar Detection System To Detect & Search For Gold Underground.

Gold-Radar is innovating the world of gold detection and exploration devices, Gold Radar is a final product  after many years of searching and studies , during exploring all around the world.

Gold-Radar device works on a built radar detection system, which proves the detecting and searching for radioactive ionization of the gold buried underground.

Gold-Radar works on the easy&smart operating and detection systems, through professional interfaces of clarification and control, it also supported by many advantages and features that make it the first and best of its type globally, the device gives to user a reliable acoustic results and graphical radar and visible results on the screen to the direction of the target and it is through the increase in the levels of sound and graphical indicators, It also paints the targets sites on the radar screen and locating a direction, through high concentration by radar detection system and the ability to detects the targets sites and guidance the user with very clearly and integrated data about the target.

How easy is to search and to find GOLD !  GOLD-RADAR


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