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BR 20 pro is for many years a well known metal and gold detector on the market, with a huge units that sold during the years.
The BR system company has been collected the most useful systems that you need to find your target.
The BR 20 pro has the Long range search systems with the most advanced technology value on the market.
The new BR 20 pro is coming with a very high quality package and a high end parts. with the gold step you will find your target quicker, easier and with a friendly interface.

The BR 20 pro device works with Long range detection systems, which are advanced and specialized systems for detecting gold, treasures and precious metals underground. These systems have been updated and developed during the previous years, so that we can now reach an accurate and integrated scientific device that can deliver you to your targets in a short time

The BR 20 pro can detect precious precious treasures in an easy way and very efficient. One of the main goal with the BR systems detectors, is the fair and attractive prices for every level and the buyer will receive in a great price the best technology on the market.

All the transmitted and received signals in this device have been studied and tested by BR Systems for many years, and we have relied on scientific and practical experiments on the ground, and this resulted in the issuance of a very accurate scientific device that can easily and quickly discover potential targets and move away by 99% from all signals emanating from the soil.

The new BRF signal filtering system to filter the transmitting and receiving signals and avoiding any interference near the exploration site and focusing only on the real targets surrounding the place

  • The possibility of determining the type of target to be detected before starting the search and restricting other targets.
  • An option (precious metals) has been added to the list of targets, and you can choose it when all the precious metals buried in the soil are detected at one time.
  • The depth of the device reaches 10 m underground with the ability to specify the maximum depth to be reached.
  • The maximum search range is 500 circular meters with the ability to select on several levels.
  • This device is supported by B.U.M . automatic detection technology.
  • The system supports radar signals on the screen that show that the system is in use and running.
  • The system supports audio technology accompanying the radar signals on the screen.
  • Adding the GLY laser guidance technology to the system, which in turn shows the user the direction of the target and guides him to it until reaching the target center.
  • The possibility of changing the frequency from -25 Hz to + 25 Hz and this technology is more useful for users who have worked on the device for a longer period.
  • List of targets discovered by the system: gold – raw gold – voids and caves – precious metals and Custom mode.
  • The possibility of controlling the change of the maximum required depth from 1 m up to 10 m based on the user’s desire.
  • The possibility of controlling the change of the front range of the detection from 100m up to 500m based on the user’s desire

The device supports 6 international languages: English – French – German – Spanish – Arabic – Turkish.

This system is equipped with the new sensor Power max 25, which is small in size and effective for detect targets from long distances with fast reception of the detected signal

The main search systems are:
Long range – search system to locate the main object in an open area ( 500m circular / depth 10m).




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