BR Royal Analyzer Pro 6000

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The new ROYAL ANALYZER pro 6000 is the one of the most advenced 3D & Live scan underground detector. The Royal analyzer has two scan system which integrated in one device and including 2 screens. The 3D imagine system will allows you to see the underground results on the screen (tablet) and to save it for differents uses. The Live Scan system will allows you to see the underground results and object on the live screen. With the Royal Analyzer pro 6000 you will be able to find Gold, Treasure, Metals, Caves, Tunnels and different objects underground.

System Nr-1 : 3D Ground Scan

System Nr-2 : Live Scan

The new Royal Analyzer PRO 6000 is improve to obtain the best overall, with the two high level sensors which supporting wide signal range affection to cover a big area of four square meters and up to 35 meters deep.

The Royal Analyzer pro 6000 has an anti shock case to protect the device and to carry the detector between fields and countries.

  1. Main Unit – easy to carry, smooth and lightweight, it also contains a 5 inch colorful screen, it also contains the control stick which controls the device options, calibration button, and power button.
  2. BR Systems Tablet – designed especially for Royal Analyzer PRO 6000, and supports Android, can be placed into the Main Unit with safety locks.
  3. Headphones – wireless headphones, chargeable .
  4. Power Bank – 9000 mAH
  5. Charger – Two electric chargers for the tablet “Type C” and normal plug charger for the power bank.

Royal Analyzer PRO 6000 Technical Specifications

Operating Principle EMS System
Type of processing Embedded Linux
Operation Processor 1.4 Ghz ARM
Display Screen 1 5 inch 800 x 480 pixel
Display Screen 2 8 inch Samsung Android System
Basic Battery Input : 12.6 volt 2A
Output: 12 volt 3A
Capacity : 9000 mAh
Power Consumption 12 volt 370 mAh
Basic Battery/hours 5 hours
Electric charger 12.6 volt 1.2A
Storage capacity 16 GB
Sound YES
Sound notifications YES
Vibrating alert YES
Bluetooth YES
Wireless YES
Device Dimensions / Closed 45 x 18.5 x 9 cm
Packed Device 64 x 51 x 32 cm
weight for assembly 3 kg
weight for assembly 3 kg
full weight in bag 14.8 kg
Operating temperature 0°C : 70°C
Storage temperature -20°C : 70°C


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