GER Detect Diamond Hunter smart Diamonds & Gemstones locator

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The Diamond Hunter smart is one of the most popular detector for Diamond and Gemstones Which Working on the Long-Range System to detect Diamond , Treasure and Gemstones underground.

Front distance up to 3000 Meters and up to 50 Meters Underground 




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Product Description

The Diamond Hunter smart has the ability to detect up to 50 meters under the ground in all kind of conditions.

The Diamond Hunter smart  is very easy to use and can be always ready to go with you any where in the world.

Diamond Hunter smart is a specific device to detect an old buried Diamond and Gemstones witch were more than ten years underground. Thankfull for the new super antenna, new radar recipient ,which recognize the old buried magnetics&ionics  fields. the Device is Allowing you to find your target with the most exciting Long Range System device on the Market.

The main feature on the diamond hunter smart is the deph analyser system the incredible accuracy.

Diamond Hunter smart Device is one of the Best German Innovations with European cϵ Certification according to International Specifications

 The Diamond hunter smart is a multi system detector with the following features:
1- Underground gemstones search system: Sapphire, Emerald, Quartz, Topaz, Granet, Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Tourmaline, Columbite, Tanzanite, Turquoise, Peridot, Alexandrite, Cat Eye, Ruby, Jasper, Opal, Aquamarine.
2- Underground diamond search system.
3- A system of analyzing the results and determining the depth in meters, and centimeters easily and with high accuracy.
4- High speed in detecting diamonds, and gemstones and locating them accurately.
The search depth of the DIAMOND HUNTER SMART device reaches 50 meters in the ground and a forward range of 3000 meters.
The DIAMOND HUNTER SMART has been developed to make it easier to operate in all kinds of terrain and in the most difficult weather conditions.
The DIAMOND HUNTER SMART device has the ability to penetrate the layers of the earth to great depths that are difficult for many devices to reach.
The DIAMOND HUNTER SMART device is one of the best German industries.

The Diamond Hunter menu is very easy to use and allowing to use in English,Arabic,German and French language.

The Diamond Hunter has Two years’ warranty from the date of purchase German industry first class according to international standards.


Technical Specifications for DIAMOND HUNTER device

Technical Specifications

Audio Output piezo buzzer Ø:12mm – H:9.8mm sound pressure level 85db at 12v/10cm frequency 4.5±0.5 kHz
Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) graphics LCD (128×64) pixel / 55mm x 27.22mm
Length Device only 203mm – The device with super antenna 398mm – The device with long-range antenna 638mm (opened)
Frequency Max 500 KHz
Data processing speed 20 MHz
Operating Temperature Range 0 ° C to 60 ° C
Operating Humidity Range up to 95 % non-condensing
Storage Temperature Range – 20C° to 70C°
Storage Humidity Range up to 98 % Relative Humidity
Operating Time (7.56 Wh Battery) 10 Hours
Waterproof Rating – Detector not waterproof (weatherproof only )
weight total 1800 g
Device weight 600 g
Bag weight (empty ) 1000 g
Bag dimensions 340mm x 275mm x 125mm
Battery Type Li-ion Rechargeable Battery – internal battery
Battery Output Voltage Li-ion 10.8 VDC
Battery Capacity Li-ion 7.56 Wh
Battery Run Time 10 Hours
Battery Operating Temperature 0 ° C to 60 ° C
Battery Storage Temperature – 2C° to 70C°
Battery weight 60 g
Charger Operating Temperature 0 ° C to 50 ° C
Charger Storage Temperature – 30C° to 80C°
Charger Input Voltage 90 → 250 VAC 50→60 Hz
Charger Output 12.6 VDC / 1000 mA


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