Ajax Iota Ionic Search system (20% discount untill 31.01.2024)

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IOTA is the latest new generation of IONIC long range systems.

Additional information

Product Description

IOTA is the latest new generation of IONIC long range systems, which creating a real improv for the long range technology system.

Iota has a long range fixed systems in one device and provaiding a perfect long distances trought long range ionic system. The Iota is the most advanced device to compare to the long range systems markets, and can cover a front distance range up to 200 meters and up to 20 meters depth underground.

The Iota device works trought long-range (ionic system). this system providing a quick identification and detection of ions (electric atoms) of precious metals which buried underground, as gold, Bronze, copper and platinum.

The Iota device has great search interface that presenting the results and coordinates of the real place and the direction of the target path accurately on the screen.

This device is creating a real experience for the user, thankful for a great interface control, easy to use for all levels and light weight grip.

  • A 5 inch colorful screen to show and to present you the object including simulation on live.
  • An easy access to the main battery, very efficiant in case that you would like to change the battery during the years.
  • The battery using time is over 5 hours including the screen operation and all the signals reactions. the device has also a power bank plug to charge the battery and even the posibility to continu to work more extra 5 hours.
  • The device has an headphone output, to be connected and to hear all the reaction from the main device.
  • Control keys interface with an anti-shock humidity which works by button, and gives you a control for the program and settings of the device on the screen.


Maximum Depth 20 meters, the depth of the target can be determined by the depth determination program.
Long Distance It can detect up to 200 meters.
Targets Ionic domains of precious metals: gold, silver, bronze, platinum, copper.
Frequency detection 85 MHz.
Sound effects Yes, this system also gives optional acoustic and vibrational effects.
Digital indicators Yes, Interactive Indicators.
Device Balance Manually, to get guaranteed results.


Technical Specifications

Research Principle Detection system to ionic fields for burials and precious metals
Operating Principle Processing data and digital signals and converting them to visual and audible results
Type of processing Multiprocessing
Operation processor 32 Pit MICROCONTLLER
Display Screen TFT colorful screen with 800 x 480WVGA size, 16-bit color depth
Basic battery 7.4 volts, 3300 mA
Power consumption Average consumption 400 mA
Basic Battery Hours (5 hours) and it may different regarding on screen brightness settings, sound levels and other functions that may be in playback mode.
Electric charger Power supply / power input 240-100 V AC, power output 15 V 1.2A
storage capacity 1 GB / it can save to 999 scans.
Sound High quality sounds, 32 KBIT/S, MP3
Sound notifications Yes, with full control of sound levels in all functions.
Vibrating Alert Yes, (optional)
Bluetooth No, not available.
Languages Yes, multilingual, with 8 languages
date and time Yes
password Yes, resettable / or canceled password
Dimensions 49X21X15 cm
Real dimensions 54x50x20 cm
Full weight in bag 3.3 kg
Weight for assembly 1 kg
Operating temperature From 10° C to 60° C
Storage temperature From 10° C to 80° C
Humidity It can be stored and operated at 100% humidity.


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