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PRIMERO is the first device in the detectors world which is including 9 different advanced systems

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The PRIMERO is the first device in the detectors world which is including 9 different advanced systems for detection of metals, gold, buried treasures and cavity, in addition to multiple functions.

Accordingly Ajax technology, which may be implemented effectively, including those that can be implemented only in the scenes of science fiction,

but with the creative team of  AJAX for detectors technology who takes you a step forward of quality and unique for the first time globally to the modern scientific reality that lies the latest and most accurate Scientific systems for the detection and exploration of gold, minerals and treasures underground.

AJAX detectors presents you the most powerful and accurate detection systems with advanced systems and software unprecedented, all the 9 functions in Primero, the first detector in the world, is a truly new scientific revolution that provides you with all resources that you need in search and exploration trips of advanced detection systems with precision, efficiency and innovative research methods for the first time, and through AJAX for detectors technology only, Primero has a unique and modern design which allows you to work on all systems of detection and exploration, also it contains high-level of operating programs and settings which allow you to control the overall plans of your exploratory trips until you reach to your target.
• Ajax Primero contains 9 different systems specialized to detect gold, mineral and buried targets with high-level technological performance and new concepts, these systems give you the accurate results integrated around the target with more specific details.

The most amazing features in the device is the hand smart balance system to carry the device correctly, where there is an indicator that appears to the user on the screen and guides the user to the right way to carry the device during the long-range search.

The PRIMERO 9 systems device are building from a strong main stick for hold and high quality of plastic frame injection.

The 9 main system of the PRIMO:

  1. Long Range Manual System,  This system has a special search interface that displays the results and coordinates of the search site and the direction of target’s path accurately on the search screen and know your destination in detail.It was named by manual system because of entering the data search manually according to the user’s needs. It can detect up to 2250 meters and up to 50 meters depth.
  2. Long Range Automatic system, the target will show the name of the target on the screen automatically, it also can determine the distance between target and device’s fulcrum, also posible  the user to determine target’s place and depth where the result appears automatically on the screen.  There is a high-frequency transmission unit (High Gain Antenna) which allows to send precise waves to identify and stimulate target locations, then the system can pick up and receive signals through receiving antennas with dual stimulus (Binary stimulation), to find target’s location and display it on the screen with multiple audio and digital indicators that appear on the results screen. It can detect up to 2850 and up to 50 meters depth.
  3. Ionic Long Range System, which allows quick identification and detection of ions (electric atoms) of precious metals buried underground. This system works through special electronic operation and processing systems with an advanced search and setting interface that enables the user to adjust the system and make the ground balance to obtain guaranteed results that determine the location of the target professionally. The screen results display the interactive results that show signal strength level and it is affected exponentially whenever the target location is approached, with system indicator you can determine the exact target location.
  4. Gradio Smart System, This system provides accurate measurement of magnetic changes in the soil to detect and identify metallic objects and spaces in addition to distinguish between them.                                                                                                                                                                                            This system usually consists of large sizes of equipment and long sensors that aren’t easy to move and inconvenient control in the search and slow results, but we provided you with intelligent control and detection tools that show integrated results on the search interface of this system.            Gradio smart is efficient up to 10 meters, with a depth measurement feature of the target that detected.
  5. Smart Pulse System, can distinguish between ferrous and nonferrous metals, also identify caves and spaces. The distinction between the targets is different and the results are displayed on the system interface through variable indicators for each type of target, in addition to the oscilloscope window showing the size of the target found.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    It can control the cancellation of the search for ferrous metals, up to 8 meters depth.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Ajax provides you with three different measurements of the advanced search coils which give you different depths according to the size of the target.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        •Available search coils:Search coil C1: 18 cm x18 cm / Search coil C2: 35 cm x35 cm / Search coil C3: 40 cm x45 cm
  6. Spectrum Analyzer System, works with gold and metal detection technology, which is a combined technique with pulse induction and spectral analysis of the target, with new and unique technology, Spectrum Analyzer System technology. This system shows a 3D images of the target shape which detected. Ajax spectrum system can distinguish between ferrous and nonferrous metals, also identify caves and spaces. The distinction between the targets is different and the results are displayed on the system interface through variable indicators for each type of target, in addition to the oscilloscope window showing the size of the target found. The spectrum analyzer effective up to 8 meters depth.
  7. Live Scan System, For the first time in the world integrated direct imaging system into the main processing screen of the device without using any external processing screen and programs, this system gives you a direct imaging of all things underground like buried and treasures and clarify its sizes, depths and types. The live scan is a special interface to direct scan system that gives you a direct view of the searching area in real time. You can use two types of scanners that come with the device either through the multi-tasking longitudinal scanner to scan a specific location or through the multi-radar cross-section scanner that works with a high-speed directed power to cover and scan large area in less time. The live scan effective up to 8 meters depth.
  8. 3D Ground Scanner System, There is a special software interface to work on the 3D imaging system, allowing you to free control scan settings and properties.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      The 3D ground scanner has a few scanning feature:  *using the Tablet PC to work on AJAX application for analysis, *Or ground scanning feature using the device screen directly, as desired by the user, *This system allows you to scan the ground on the screen directly by preparing complete scanning properties.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            The user can also connect the device with the Tablet PC via Bluetooth to work on Ajax application for analysis, to get more analysis tools and 3D scenes of the targets. The 3D ground scanner effective up to 8 meters depth.
  9. Geophisical Search System, works on scan technique and electro-geophysics measurement that identify electrical resistors levels of soil, to locate the buried metals places of gold, silver, copper, bronze, iron, aluminum, the location of caves, tunnels and underground water.                                  Bipolar where it is easy to deal with and move through, this system can test a specific location to confirm if there are buried minerals in that area or not.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                This system provides you with 2 electrical wires in addition to 2 special search probes that connect to the soil to test its contents.  It can detect up to 50 meters depth for metals and 500 meters for water and cavity, Area covered for 50 square meters .


All AJAX products are provided with Two Years Warranty and including the certificate of originality from GERMAN OEM DETECTION

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