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MINELAB GPZ-7000 is all about gold and professionality. Minelab company is innovating the new gold detection market through the GPZ-7000. The powerful gold detector has the ability to find gold (Gold Nuggets) in  new depth standard and in an efficient way.

The GPZ-7000 is the last word in the gold detectors market and you are the final customers will get the highest revenues! with guarantee!!

Minelab has been invested a lot of time and sources to find the final recipe, to create the perfect gold detector on the market.

The GPZ-7000 has the most advances system on the market today! The ZVT system (zero voltage transmission).

ZVT (Zero Voltage Transmission) creates ultra‑constant high-power opposite polarity magnetic fields, increasing the gold sensitivity. This innovative system technology will allow to detects gold nuggets at extreme depths.

ZVT system goes to the NEXT LEVEL for all serious gold prospectors, providing the maximum depth. Through the zvt system you will not be limited to using in a mineral surface or any other hard condition, that normally surprise you every time that you are trying to reach your target.

The new Minelab’s flagship gold detector, the GPZ 7000 is equipped with the excellent Zero Voltage Transmission (ZVT) technology, which developed by Bruce Candy, and state-of-the-art features, the GPZ-7000 offers the deepest ground penetration in any condition, and represents the significant advancement in gold detecting market.



The Super‑D smart coil consists of a central transmit winding and two outer receive windings. This configuration greatly decreases interference from magnetic soils, reducing ground noise.


GPSi uses the high performance and flexibility of a u-blox GPS positioning engine to seamlessly integrate location and time data with detector settings and target information. This creates WayPoint, FindPoint and GeoHunt files that are compatible with XChange 2.


Wi-Stream uses efficient low-power digital audio transmission to achieve no perceivable audio time lag (<10 ms) between the Wi-Stream enabled detector and the WM Wireless Module. With multiple channel capability, this wireless technology provides reliable communication with maximum sound quality.

Wi-Stream technology is offered in a range of Minelab detectors, however the WM modules are not cross compatible between detectors.

Application – Gold Prospecting (Waterproof coil to 1m/3ft)
Technology – ZVT
Frequency/Transmission – Zero Voltage Transmission (ZVT)
Coil (standard) – 14″ x 13″ Super‑D Configuration with skidplate (waterproof to 1 m/3 ft)
Audio Output – 6.3 mm (¼”) non waterproof socket, Wi‑Stream wireless signal transmission
Headphones Supplied – KOSS UR 30 100 ohm with 6.3 mm plug (¼-inch) (non waterproof)
Visual Display – Full colour LCD (320 x 240 pixels)
Backlight – Yes
Product ID – 252529
USB Connectivity – USB interface for XChange 2 PC software
Memory – Yes
Depth Indication – not have
Detect Modes – Gold Mode (High Yield, General, Extra Deep) Ground Type (Normal, Difficult, Severe)
Discrimination – All Metal
Timings – not have
Audio tone – 1-100
Audio Type – not have
Ground Balance – Auto and Manual (Quick‑Trak trigger button)
Ground Balance Type – Auto and Manual (Quick‑Trak trigger button)
Trash Density – not have
Pinpoint – not have
Sensitivity Adjust – Level (1-20)
Tune / Noise Cancel – Auto and Manual (256 channels)
Threshold – Level (1-50) Pitch (1-100)
Target Volume Adjust – Range (1-20) Limit (1-20)
Battery – Li-Ion Rechargeable Pack (7.2V DC, 72Wh)
Low battery alert – Yes
Length – Collapsed: 1170 mm (46.1”) Laid flat, packed position: 1304 mm (51.3”) Extended: 1526 mm (60.1”) Laid flat, packed position: 1651 mm (65.0”)
Weight – 3.32 kg (7.32 lb) (Including GPZ 14 coil, skidplate and 72Wh battery)
Warranty – 3 years control box & coil

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