XP – ADX150 27cm Wireless Ready for beginner

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XP DETECTORS is one of the most anvanced companies for metal detectors around the world. XP is providing the latest technology from europe-france with high quality and top results. the company has started on the late 90´s with the manufactures of metal detectors in toulouse and proves innovaiting until today. The XP products combine power, selectivity and quick results in real time.

The ADX150 is a very simple metal detector to operate, just switch on and you are ready to find your next target. the ADX150 don´t need adjusment and its ready for any kind of use and age. the Sensitivity and Discrimination is adjustable.


  • Now compatible with the XP wireless headphone WS1 and WS3!
  • Wide Scan double D, 22.5 cm, waterproof, provided with its coil cover and connector to change the coil.
  • Very resistant cable, conceived to resist to movements constraints.
  • Light and robust ABS electronic box . The box is fixed under the armrest, for a maximum comfort it can also be hip mounted ( Hipmount bag included).
  • Light detector and perfectly balanced.
  • Robust armrest.
  • Now provided with the new patented ergonomic “S TELESCOPIC” Stem.
  • Lower fiber glass tube.
  • Frequency : 4,6 Khz.
  • Sensitivity and Discrimination : Adjustable.
  • All metal: Motion.
  • Power: 8 Alkaline batteries 1.5Volts AA.
  • Battery life: alkaline: 50 Hours.
  • Battery low alert.
  • Option: battery charger and XP wireless headphone
  • Warranty 5 years parts and labour.
  • Made in France


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