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Ladies and Gentelmens, we would like to entreduce you the new gerneration of 3D imaging and detection systems.

After a long time of experiments and learning the 3D imaging market, finally NOKTA came with one of the most exciting devices on the market today.

The NOKTA-MAKRO INVENIO PRO is leading the market of metal detectors throught 3D imaging system, with the last technology and high standart that the big market is providing today.

The INVENIO pro device has a few main point as specifications:

1. To discover deeper targets
2. To know what type of a metal the detected target is
3. To see the real depths of targets
4. The see the real shapes of targets
5. To determine the dimensions of targets
6. To detect ground anomalies/cavities

The NOKTA-MAKRO Invenio pro imaging system is one of the best program on the detectors market today. The latest technology is allowing to you as a hobby or as profecional user to enjoy from such a wonderful system.

The INVENIO pro is a super sharp detector for any kind of use as  coins, treasures, gold and any kind of metal object underground. Trought the Invenio device you can see the object type on the colors screen including the dimensions, depth, shape and discrimination of underground metals and ground cavities/anomalies.

IPTU SENSOR (Integrated Positional Tracking Unit)

The IPTU unit and with the help of the integrated sensor, computes  right-left & forward-back the search coils precisely and determines its location and heights above the ground. With the IPTU sensor, you can follow and see the start and the finish points of the scanned area and view the locations of detected objects. you can also determine the width and the length of the scanned area, the target depth and shape as well as the dimensions with the help of the IPTU sensor.


A few characters that the INVENIO device is offerin:

Save time by detecting the targets you want while spending less time digging.

Fast Recovery Speed : Get ready to find out what all other metal detectors couldn´t detect.

LED Flashlight and Screen Backlight : Invenio’s screen would let you to scan and to detect even on night.

Archive : You can save all your scanned files (3D) and to upload it on your private pc.

  • 17 Languages : English / German / Greek / Turkish / French / Italian / Russian / Arabic/ Spanish / Chinese / Persian / Bulgarian / Serbian / Romanian / Dutch / Portuguese / Polish
  • Online Firmware Updates : Stay tune for all the new update from the Nokta-Makro company.
  • 2.4GHz Wireless Connection : prefer wired headphones can purchase the optional 2.4GHz wireless headphones.
  • Vibration : The Invenio device know how to react for the target throught a vibration and sound.
  • Multi-Purpose : Targets and objects that you can detect: Deep treasures, caches, coins, relics, ground anomalies/cavities such as underground caves, tunnels etc..
  • High Performance and Unmatched Depth : Uncover deep treasures other detectors simply cannot detect.
  • 3 Non-Motion Search Modes : Basic / Expert / Ground Anomaly & Cavity
  • 3 Motion Search Modes : All Metal / Fast / Deep
  • 3 different sizes of  coils (28,40,56) including waterproof in DD building configuration.

*** The Nokta-Makro has 2 years warranty


A Perfect Detector!


Operating System Embedded Linux System
Graphic Process OPEN GL
Sensor IPTU (Integrated Positional Tracking Unit) Sensor
Operating Principle VLF
Operating Frequency 5kHz/14kHz/20kHz
Audio Frequencies 150Hz – 700Hz adjustable
Search Modes 3 Non-Motion (Basic/Expert/Ground Anomaly & Cavity) and 3 Motion (All Metal/Fast/Deep)
Iron Audio Yes
Tone Break Yes
Notch Filter Yes
Languages English / German / Greek / Turkish / French / Italian / Russian / Arabic/ Spanish / Chinese / Persian / Bulgarian / Serbian / Romanian / Dutch / Portuguese / Polish
Ground Balance Automatic / Manual / Tracking
Pinpoint Yes
Frequency Shift Yes
Vibration Yes
Sensitivity Setting 01-99
Target ID 00-99
Search Coils Waterproof DD Search Coil 28×18 cm (INV28)
Waterproof DD Search Coil 40×35 cm (INV40)
Waterproof DD Search Coil 56×40 cm (INV56)
Display 7″ 800×480 18 Bit RGB TFT Screen
Backlight Yes
LED Flashlight Yes
Weight System Box: 1.7kg (with 5500 mAh battery)
Shaft and Handle: 2.4kg
Length 121cm -152cm adjustable
Shaft Battery 7.4 V 5400 mAh LiPo
System Box Battery 7.4 V 5500 mAh LiPo
System Box Spare Battery 7.4 V 9500 mAh LiPo (included in pro package only)
Shaft Battery Life Approximately 9 hours
System Box Battery Life Approximately 5 hours
System Box Spare Battery Life Approximately 9 hours
Warranty 2 Years
Patents Displaying the shape & dimensions of metals, displaying the depth of metals, displaying ground anomalies / cavities


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