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The Ks700 is one of the latest german detection technology.
The ks700 is a well known professional radar detector for tunnel and treasures underground.
Ks Analysis has been invested the latest radar technology ,program and construction inside the
ks700 series.
The ks700 is building on the Radar ground scanner (FMCW-RADAR) and will provide the user an
amazing results up to 40m depth underground. With the ks700 you will be able to detect your target
deeper as another detectors on the market and in a profi process.
Through the ks700 the user will be able to discover and to find tunnels, all kind of metals inc gold and
even water underground.
The analysis oft he target and object underground are through 2D and 3D program which are
connecting with a cable between the main unit and a leptop computer. Through this program the
user will see all the objects and images including all parameters and depth.
The ks700 has an instruction cd including a standard 2D imaging program. There is also possibility  to
make an upgrade for a 3D imaging system (Golden Surfer).

The KS700 included:
  • Electronic control unit
  • 2D visualization software (3D can by the user when
    to be purchased Golden surfer Voxler is a
    ready to use device)
  • equipment case
  • USB cable
  • Battery connecting cable
  • 1 antenna (integrated in the unit)



Radar Type: FMCW radar (frequency modulated continuous wave radar)
 Dimensions: Length
445 mm
334 mm
120 mm (without handle)
Weight: 5.1 kg
Operating voltage: 12 Volt / Ah battery ≥10
Channel: Timed (1-15 seconds)
Sampling Time: 20ns-100ns
Real time sampling: 25.1 kHz – 50 MHz
Max. Sampling: 1 GHz
bandwidth: A / D converters DC-60 MHz
data processing About FFT (Fast Fourier Transform)
FFT resolution: 2048 lines
Achievable low power (in limestone)        30 m
Interface: USB
Software: -Spectrumanalyzer
-2D visualization: Stone Age (German-Turkish)
-3D visualization: Golden Surfer Voxler (English)
Delivery dimension / Packaging: 660 x 450 x 180 mm (16 kg)



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