Ajax Ares 4 Search systems

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The Ajax Ares is a new generation of gold, metal and treasure detector, as a hobby or professional user. The Ares detector has a new EFM discrimination system, LRL system that will make the searching process easier and more efective. Now, when ajax detectores technology brings us such an amazing detector, we are proud to present the new Ares detector.The Ares can discriminate between the types of underground targets and showing the type and identity. The new Ares has a friendly menu and screen which will makes for every level an easy use. The EMF system has a great discrimination and the user can program the sensitivity, ground balance, reduce iron tone, calibration and more. The Ares is so easy to use and with a great results will push you to a new detectors level. If you are looking for a Gold, Gold nuggets, Silver, Bronze and more !? The Ajax Ares is the right answer for your choice. With the new LRL system, you will be able to detect a large target underground and old buried treasures. The new Ares is a great combination between long range and efm  systems which allow you to find your targen easier. If theb user will be interested to find a small objects as gold, jewelry, silver, bronze he will choose the EFM system. If the user will be interested to find a big objects underground, he will choose the LRL system.

Tropic has been provided with several detection systems.


LRL System

Adjusting the target’s frequency double confirms the target existence, Ares allows a wide range of frequency from -50/+50 KHz. A 1000 meters front distance and 20 meters real depth reach based on field tests in a different terrains supported.

EFM Discrimination System

A special interactive tone for gold can be set where other metals will have a different tone, or you may discard other metals to detect gold and only gold.

EFM Graph System

Knowing the shape and the size of target is possible with the EFM Graph system, where the device will draw a graph by passing it over the target from all directions.

EFM Quick Scan System

Allows the user to make a quick scan for the area to search for any possible targets. Pin pointing is also possible with a high depth reach, the more the target is close to the coil center the more sound alert will react.


Technical specifications

Detection System Analyzing signals, processing data, and converting them into visual and audio results.
Processor ARM 3-Corte
Screen Color TFT, 5 inch, 800×480 WVGA resolution, 24 bits colorful.
Power Source External power “Battery”.
Battery Charger 15V – 1.2 amp
Battery working hours More than 20 hours continuous with maximum brightness level and maximum sound level.
Sound The device is equipped with a high-quality mono audio output.
Vibration Optional, (the closer the target is, the more intense the vibration and the intensity of the sound).
Languages The device supports six languages.
Date and Time Yes.
Full weight with battery 2.5 KG.
Package weight 4.250 KG.
Bag dimensions 63 x 48 x 18 cm
Operating temperature 10C – 60C
Storage temperature 10C – 80C
Humidity level Can be used and stored in a 100% humidity level.
Search coil dimensions 35 x 35 cm
After setting up device dimensions 24 x 35 x 130 cm while stick on maximum length, 24 x 35 x 113 cm while the stick on minimum length.



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