Fisher XLT-100 Acoustic water leak

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Fishel labs is the leading acoustics leaks detectors on the market. The XLT-100 is an advanced acoustic leak detector including a high sensitivity electronic system. The XLT-100 will help you to find the leak in your plumbing in the most accurate process. Fisher labs brings you as a user a great high technology of water leak detectors. Fishers XLT-100 is a standard version for water leak detector. The Fisher Labs XLT-100 Compact Acoustic Leak Detector features audible indication with remarkable sound clarity through the full size, over-ear isolating headphones and visual indication with a 0-99 linear scale. This model is designed for everyday use by water distribution and plumbing professionals to perform water leak surveys and audits on distribution systems.

XLT-100 Contact Microphone

Compact listening device for water leak detection and water leak surveys.


  • 8 Filter Bands
  • 50 and 60Hz notch filtering
  • High Quality Headphones
  • Numeric Display
  • Robust, Light Weight and portable design
  • Includes protective hard case
  • Backlight


  • Perform simple and quick water leak surveys on distribution systems using available access points like meters, hydrants and valves
  • Detect leaks in plumbing and air systems


  • Operating Frequency Range – 40 Hz to 8 kHz
  • Gain – 60d8
  • Filter Bands – 4
  • Center Frequencies – 500, 1000, 2000, 4000(Hz)
  • Filter Boost/Cut – 18d8
  • Output Indication
    – Audio
    – Visual – 0-99 linear scale Volume
  • Volume – 0-99, log scale
  • Power Supply – 2AA
  • Battery life – 12-15 hours@ 50% volume
  • Headset Impedance – 100 Ohms
  • Unit Dimensions – 8″ X 2.625″ X 1.125″
  • Unit Weight – 0.6 lbs
  • Case Dimensions – 17″ X 12″ X 6″
  • Case Weight – 4.6 lbs


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