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Garrett detectors is a well known company in the mining business. Garrett Axiom is a new Gold detector for a big nuggets and even a small sub gramm pickers. The new Axiom is a new development from the american flagship factory, which will allow you to find faster and deeper. The Axiom has a great discrimination and an ultra pulse technology. The Axiom is a light weight detector (2.1 kg) including all accessories and large coil.

Terra Scan is the latest ground balance (dual channel) which will give you as a user the best balance on a mineralized magnetic ground, and even on a salty water.

Iron check – a Quick demonstration of how this feature will helps you audibly identify iron targets with the Axiom during using a DD-FC searchcoil.

Battery – Extreme long life baterry including a booster for more hours .




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  1. Ravindra Koti

    I like.

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