MWF – Falke Gold & Metal detector (Sale may)

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MWF FALKE is one of thr greatest metal detector on the market today. With the Falke you will enjoy during the searching as you never befor! The Falke has a great colors screen that will help you to see the results on real time including a great discrimination. The Falke is a great detector for gold, coins, metal and treasures in all kind of ground surface. The Falke is coming with a profi anti shock case, including 2 different DD coils. The 45cm DD coil will help you to detect a big targets in a high depth! This DD coil is working under 14.5 KHz. The 33cm DD coil will help you to detect a small targets and this coil is working under 20KHz.

Detection systems and description:

Falke is a detector for Gold, Caves, Metals and treasures.

Falke has a high and accurate discrimination and the user can see the results on a big screen.

U-VLF (Ultra vlf) Technology system.

Auto Tuning Calibration which allow the user a quick adjust between the detector and the soil.

Treasure search mode, will help you to identity immediately your target and the size including the digital frequency value.


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