GER Detect Fresh Result 2 Systems Plus – Long Range & Geophysical Water Detector

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The FRESH RESULTS 2 SYSTEMS is the most popular water detecor by most of the farmers around the world.

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The FRESH RESULTS 2 SYSTEMS PLUS is the most popular water detecor by most of the farmers around the world. The Fresh results 2 is a dual system long-range&geophiscal water detector.

The device will help you to find the location of water and with the possibility of very accurate and depth, water types select as fresh – salty – natural and the possibility of research in four different types of soil (sandy – clay – rocky – mixed).

Fresh Results 2 systems presents  a high-resolution techniques and discrimination, the latest german technology including research with different farmers around the world through they experience.

Fresh Results 2 systems is built in two different systems, the first one is the long range which will help you to find the location and depth of water and the second geophysical system will show you the details of the water. this combination is one of the most efficient on the market today and bring you as a user to the next level. very easy to use and save you as user a lot of time.

First System – Long Range

The LONG RANGE System has the ability to detect up to 1200 Meters Underground in all kind of Conditions.This high-accurate system and a great determine water location from a distance.
When the target founded, the user can be moving to discovered target until stand up on the target, confined to an area of about 1 square meter, and with the posibility to determine the front range of the device, starting from 500 or 1000 or 1500 or 2000 meters and a depth of 1200 meters underground.
The device operates in four languages (German – English – French – Arabic).
When the device is on mode “ON” , you can choose one of the languages and determine the front range.
When capturing the target, the device will head to the detected target,

Second System – Geophysical System

This system has lot of innovative technology newly specifications.
Scan all layers of the ground  up to a depth of 1200 meters and show the founded results on the high accurate colored screen of the device, second part
shows of the water density and the type of water that was (fresh – salty – Natural), shows the beginning, end of the water depth by meter and centimeter.
The device is characterized ground balancing system automatically in order to be set on the soil whatever kind and nature and very accurate in giving the data.
This what Making this device to be a specialist to detect water underground.
The fresh results 2 systems works with all the different terrain, effects to ensure an efficient arrival the explorer to the target easily and really.


Technical specifications for FRESH RESULT 2 SYSTEMS PLUS

  1. Small size and easy to use.
  2. High accurate colored screen with size 4,3 inch shows full search data.
  3. The device depth of 1200 meters.
  4. Possibility of identifying the target depth underground.
  5. Front range up to 2,500 meters with the possibility of determine the desired front range
  6. Identify the type of water you want to search for them.
  7. The device works in four languages – German –English – French – Arabic
    Adjustable by the region and language of the client.
  8. Certificate of origin and warranty for two years from the date of purchase Germany industry first class.
  9. Full weight of the device with accessories only (11 kg).
  10. The device fit all circumstances and different terrain.
  11. Fresh Result 2 Systems Device is one of the best German innovations with European cϵ certification according to international specifications.


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