Garrett – ATX Deepseeker Package (Extreme Pulse Induction up to 3m depth)

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Extreme Pulse Induction

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Garrett detectors is a well known company in the mining business.
The Garrett ATX Deepseeker package is bringing you as a customer all the experience and the latest pulse induction technology in one device.
The ATX has a great pulse induction system which allow you to detect metal and gold in different level and efficiency.
The ATX is building very massive and with a special green/army color, which make him very special on the detectors market.
The ATX Deepseeker package will give you the best tools and aspects to find your target. The Deepseeker package is including 20″ mono coil, 15″*20″ closed coil cover, 10″*12″ open coil cover.
The Extreme Pulse Induction system by Garrett is sending a pulse signals by 730 pro second with 4 Continuous GroundTrack Off, Slow, Med, Fast.
Garrett ATX has the ability to detect up to 3m depth underground, which place the ATX on the highest position in this pulse induction section. from today you will find all what the others detectors couldn´t find.


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